About The MI40 Workout Program

If you are SERIOUS about building Massive muscle mass, eliminating fat and achieving rock hard, ripped abs.  Then you will want to check out Ben Pakulski’s MI40 workout program. The program is based on Ben Pakulski’s 20+ years as both a fitness expert and professional bodybuilder.  The program takes just 40 days, but in those 40 days on Ben Pakulski’s MI40 fitness program, you will work out harder then you have before and build MORE muscle mass then ever before.

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Check Out What is Covered In Ben Pakulski’s MI 40 Program

1. You’ll will get over fourteen years of education rolled into just eight simple components that SPELLS out exactly how to properly eat and train for twice the results in EXACTLY 40 days.  Ben has been coined, “The thinking man’s bodybuilder” and will NEVER give you a “Well, this is what I do…” answer. He provides an in-depth answer to everything, that is backed by real scientific proof, no guessing games here.

2. NO OTHER MUSCLE BUILDING PROGRAM OR SYSTEM teaches Intentions. The MI40 workout program is the ONLY place you will learn exactly how to perform each exercise to make a conscious effort to create TENSION in the muscle groups you are working wout.  After all it’s not WHAT you do, it’s HOW you do it.  By simply incorporating TENSION into ALL of your muscle programs you will gain TWICE as much muscle mass in the same amount of time!

3. By incorporating Intentions into your muscle movements actually PROVES that there is NO SUCH THING as a “weak” or “lagging” body part and the program teaches you how to FEEL the tension on the muscle you are targeting, thereby insuring optimal muscle growth. In the program Ben goes through SEVEN complete hours of instructional coaching so you can learn how to fully SHORTEN and LENGTHEN every muscle through it’s full range of motion with EVERY MOVEMENT.  That is a $1,000+ real world value right there.

4. You will learn how to exploit the scientific significance of the number 40 in it’s application to muscle growth:

40 days!
40 minute workouts!
40 second sets!
40 second rest periods!

The number 40 is the MOST optimal number for building muscle growth and for the first time ever, it’s been organized into just 40 days of muscle POWER and progressively harder workouts.

5.  MI40 is unlike any other body building program you have tried before by incorporating Ben Pakulski’s trademarked NOS Technology – an intensifier to ensure you never finish a workout wondering, “Did I work out enough?” or “Did I work out too much?” NOS full optimizes your body’s testosterone levels to see IMMEDIATE growth.

6.  You WILL NOT get fat on MI40! The MI40 program guarantees you will maximize your muscle-to-fat ratio (and the vast majority of those who have tried the system have actually lost weight while on the program).  You will also develop rock hard abs with the Mi40 fitness program, with the assistance of Ben’s Three-Phase Nutrition system that has some RADICALLY unique concepts that you will not read from the 17-year old “bodybuilders” posting at Bodybuilding.com !

7. Ben is one of the BEST bodybuilders in the world. He didn’t get there from great genetics or by taking supplements. There are LOTS of guys in your gym with great genetics and pounding the “juice” but STILL look like crap.  So we KNOW building muscle is MORE
than genetics & juice. There IS a science to building muscle and there IS a RIGHT & WRONG way of doing things when it comes to achieving muscle growth.

8.  Have you seen the BEFORE & AFTER pics of clients on the MI40 program?!  AMAZING!  Some were actual test subjects and trained with Ben Pakulski while on the MI40 program. After all, seeing is believing!


9. These are the EXACT same methods that Ben Pakulski follows, if you have ever trained with Ben or visited him in Tampa Florida, you will see him cracking out these same NOS sets and incorporating the same eating program illustrated in the MI40 system.

10. And finally…. You get the very best discount on the MI40 program. So if you are SERIOUS about building muscle mass and want to absolutely kill it at the gym. Then purchase your copy of the MI40 weight training program below and become one of the many clients that have seen the MI40 difference and achieved long-term gains.


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